Music Production

Past Project 1 | Robyn Hood: The Musical

Redmoor High School in Hinckley had written the script and lyrics for their own school production of 'Robyn Hood'. RSME wrote the backing tracks for the musical, providing a truly original piece for their own stage.

Past Project 2 | HarvestLite Theme

HarvestLite is a TV programme which is set to broadcast over four different continents on a weekly basis. RSME created the theme music for the show.
Music is a powerful tool in the arts and in advertising. RSME has written and recorded music for use in advertising, film beds, TV themes, musicals and backing tracks for vocal artist.


RSME offers a music composition service, allowing you to use original musical tracks for your media projects.

Live Recordings

Need a live recording of an event or gig? Or wanting to record a demo of a live band? We can help you to capture the moment, recording up to 16 channels of simultaneous live audio with our portable studio.

Mixing & Mastering

Once you've recorded your audio, we can mix it and master it onto CD, DVD or prepare it for the web.

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